Course Resources

All the source code shown in this course is made available for you to download.

You find it attached to multiple lectures per course module (reflecting the code state up to this lecture) and always to the last lecture of each module (contains all the code for the whole course section then).

Definitely use that code + compare it to yours if you're getting stuck or if you're facing issues - it should allow you to narrow down the issue and find out what's wrong.


The attached code is always a snapshot of the project I'm working on in the course.

To run my code, simply extract the attached .zip files and navigate into the extracted folder with your terminal/ command prompt (via the cd command).

1) You then first need to install all dependencies via npm install.

2) Thereafter, start the development server via npm run dev - keep that process running until you're done with development


Don't run my code but simply compare it (side by side or via a diffing tool) to your code.

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