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In this course, I provide the API we create and the code we write for download (the API as a definition file). Typically, the files for a module are attached to the last lecture of that module!

API Definition Files:

API Snapshots are provided as .json definition files (using Swagger + API Gateway Extensions). You can import them directly in API Gateway. Simply create a new API and choose "Import from Swagger".


Replace the REGION placeholder (in the .json file) with the region where your Lambda functions are stored, replace the ACCOUNT_ID placeholder with your account id. Your Lambda function names have to match mine, otherwise you have to adjust these names in the .json files, too!

AWS Lambda ZIP Files:

All Lambda code is provided as ZIP files. You can easily use these by creating a new function (with "blank" template) and choosing "Upload a .ZIP file" from the "Code entry type" dropdown.

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